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Welcome to organipure

We’ve always been passionate about growing and selling pure / organic products that make human beings feel good about them internally. Five years ago, we began to realise that organic was the future of our food production. Thus, we wanted to produce healthier, nutritious and organic products. Since people are getting more aware of healthy eating & interested in knowing more about the origin of their food, as to how it gets to their plate. Therefore, our objective has always been to raise awareness amongst consumers to check their diet more carefully. And increase their organic food intake in order to make this world a healthier place to live in.

A New Hope Network survey conducted in Jan 2022 revealed that millennials and Gen Z consumers are more likely to prioritize holistic practices that align with natural product value propositions than older generations. Rick Polito, Natural Products Industry Health Monitor, Jan. 27, 2022

Many people dream of starting a business and follow their passion; however for many it remains just a dream. But for Gajendra Rathi & Ramesh Chandra this hasn’t been the case, translating dreams into action has been their mantra.

Five years ago, Gajendra and his friend Ramesh started exploring ways to develop organic products, and selling them online. Gajendra being an entrepreneur & son of a farmer and Ramesh with business background in New Delhi started out from a small room three years ago in Delhi. And from then until today, the learning is still on!

With the constant hard work and passion, today both are managing a thriving business & Company is gaining its ground in the market. For the past one year Organipure has been ranking on top spots on most online ecommerce platforms.

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